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lunedì 11 marzo 2013



Country Festival- 19th March

People feast in the pine and olive trees pick-nick area near the Chapel of St. Joseph. They bring homemade food: lasagne, cheeses, meat to be barbecued and wine. Lupins and blessed rolls are a must.



Fish Festival- August

Marinated and fried blue fish with Calabrian flavours is offered by the sailors on the warf and at the Kiosque square.

St. Leonard Fair-6th November
It is the fair where local agri-products are sold. Figs are the best food sold (“serte” -threads- and “tascarelle” -pocket form- types).



St. Rocco- 16th August
In the morning mess is celebrated in St. Nicholas of Myra church. In the afternoon procession at sea between worshipers and boats. In the evening music concerts, entertainments , and stalls.


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