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martedì 28 gennaio 2014



Marco Silvestri
It was a fantastic experience from the first until the last day, the biggest thing that struck me was the welcome of  the host family, a loving family, nice, sweet, a model family.
As for me I didn’t  feel the nostalgia of being away from home, because they welcomed me and the  two other Italian students like their children. We had the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of their land, they did not miss anything: we visited  interesting  places  from the point of view of landscape and cultural heritage. We also went to play bowling, to the miniature  Europe and  to the biggest shopping center that is called "Europe center."  As for  the planned activities what truck me the most it was the visit to  the concentration camp Auschwitz - Birkenau,  and I realized during and after the visit that the man-made hell on earth.
Not to mention the new friends we made with the kids of the other partner schools.
We  established a relationship of  beautiful and lasting relationship with the family, as a matter of fact we already we meet on face book, and I hope to meet them in my country.

Soumia Khamlich
The experience of traveling to Poland was one of the trips that most of all marked me  from all points of view. It made me grow up and believe in myself. It made me realize that it is nice to meet new people and try new experiences , communicating with another  language (English) and  live in a diverse community, with different customs and habits. I explored A “NEW "WORLD" of which I was not aware of and what it will be  forever in my memory is the fact that I met wonderful people. I thank you very much my hosting family for making me feel at home and spoiled me and Marco and Sara. I want to thank also  everybody who made who gave me this chance to come to Poland, in Zabre.

Sara D’alba
I was very happy to be in Poland with this project. I liked all the activities we made in Zabre and I visited beautiful places. I made new friends at the meeting and I liked it much. What was wonderful was the hosting family that took good care of me , very attentive , adorable. The children were very nice and we had  nice time together. It was a very nice time, we did many things together. The family took us , Marco and also Soumia, to visit many places , we did many things together, they are a special family. They made me feel at home. I liked very much the visit to Auschwitz. It’ terrible what men can do to other men!!! I was sad because there was sufferings of million people in that place. The visit is very educational because we are young and never again this has to happen !
It was a wonderful experience. I know more about Polish culture and made more friends.


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