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martedì 28 gennaio 2014


The Polish meeting has been very educational because of the program planned by the Polish school.The hosting family welcomed us in the best way possible.. What we liked the  most was the beauty of the country and the hospitality and also the activities planned. The school was nice and the people very warm and friendly.

The trip planned to Awschwitz, where the holocaust took place , was highly emotional, we had a lump in the throught to see what millions of people went through and how they lost their lives!!!. We felt pain, there was sadness , grief, . What this country went through can’t be repeated and we have to be always alert to avoid that one day such horror could happen again against other people and in other countries.

The memorial day for the holocaust  of Jewish people that is in January is meant to send a message to all the world : Let's not  forget the atrocities made to Jews and let's work to avoid that one day it might happen again to other people in other places. This can be possible if we remember and we let other people to see what the Jews went through!!!

We, Sara, Soumia, and me Marco,  are going to present a reportage on our visit to Awschwitz and we will also express our feelings about the visit, that thanks to our Comenius project, we could see with our eyes what men can do to other men. But we  if you know, if you see, you can’t forget and you want to work, together with other people of other countries, to avoid that this might happen again.
This trip was also nice for the time spent with the other partners, for the music activities with other partner students , for the trip to Cracow, a beautiful city where Pop John Paul II was born. We cannot forget this experience!!!

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