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giovedì 25 aprile 2013

Going to Pietra Neamt, ROMANIA

It was a nice experience both for teachers and we students. We could have first hand information about Romanian culture, we were invited to visit what a Romanian house looks like and their hospitality. Students felt all the warmth of the hosting family and find true friends. They felt at the center of attention and discovered a country that is very beautiful, a country that is worth visiting again.

Here are some pictures

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  1. You people were a disgrace during World War II, you discriminated against my family in your city, and your relatives helped nazis to destroy 500,000 Jews.

    Shame on you, and I am ashamed to say my family comes from Pietra Neamt!

    You and your whole country has been anti-semetic and are responsible for the murder of so many Jews. How can you not be ashamed of your past? You have driven most if not all f the Jews out of Romania because of your hypocrisy .