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giovedì 25 aprile 2013

Romania meeting

What the Italian students thought of Romanian meeting

Rachida Yassine

The meeting was very important to me because I made new experiences. The Romanian Parten was very kind and  affectionate with me. We shared the same room like two sisters as if I was one of them, they spoke mostly in Italian because they were in Italy. I really loved the dish made with potatoes and mushrooms. I was struck by the great affection they have towards Italians. I've enjoyed all the visits scheduled for this meeting, I hope to go back there with the Erasmus program because I left my heart, I will never forget the people of  Priatra Neamt. I thank the family and especially the family MAIDAN Sabina and Tony.


Fariss Mohamed

When I arrived at the hotel I found  Toni, we introduced ourselves and told me you stay with me in my house.. We took the bus to his house. I shared the same things and the other host guy was from Poland, we get along well and on  the weekend we went to Red Lake. The family has been careful with me, and very kind. In few words I was fine with Toni, who introduced me to her friends Julia, Elisa, Michela, Paola, half Italian and half Romanian, they know how to sing and play very well. And many other boys, and was a very nice experience because we were really good, we stayed 5 days but as if we knew all along. I love you Romania, Piatra Neamt.


Raffaele Pastore

It was a very nice experience . My host family was very attentive and nice. We shared many things with my partners and with the other guys I met. We went out together to eat and see the city. I liked all the activities of the program of the meeting and I really think to go back to Romania. It was a very good experience for me because I had the opportunity to know better Romanian people and Romania and also it was good to meet again the other partners . What I remember of this meeting is the affection of Romanian people.


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