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giovedì 25 aprile 2013



Going to Turkey was just the best thing it could happen to me!I had  the warmest welcome from the guys and the hosting family. Turkish guys are very very nice, friendly and really sociable. Elif my hosting partner student is a very nice girl, a smart one and very affable. Her family was very open and generous , made me feel at home. Elif’s parents are excellent cooks. I really like their food, they are so good!!! The meeting program was just great and we could also meet with the other partners and have fun. Izmir is a big, beautiful city. The visits outside Izmir have been very interesting, the places we visited were just amazing. Turkey is really a nice city and I hope to go back in the next future.

It was very interesting to compare our traditions and cultures. Turkey has made me think a lot on how big the world is and how it changes everything from country to country. I had good time with the hosting family. I liked Izmir, I liked to be with all the students at the meeting, I liked all the programme activites. Turkish people are very respectful and nice. The food are good! The people are good!


It was my first time abroad and I was very lucky with my hosting family in Izmir. They were very very nice. I did something that I did not know when I went to my partner’s house. I didn’t take off my shoes in the house and they told me that I had to walk in the house without shoes. We don’t do that in Italy. But now I know that in Turkey I have to take off the shoes in the house. My hosting family was very very nice. I had a good time in Izmir. I went out and visited many places. The food are very good. It was  a great experience. I visited many interesting places. I could practice English language. My hosting family was great. I hope my partner comes to visit me in Italy. I invited him. He is very nice!!!


The diatonic accordion, better known as "ORGANETTO" was born in Austria in 1829 by Cyrill Demian , a manufacturer of organs and pianos in Vien.

The original instrument, called "accordion", was equipped with a bellow operated by the left hand, a small box containing   free reeds capable of producing sounds.
These reeds were and are of the bitonic type, meaning  capable of producing different sounds depending on the opening or closing of the bellows.
The construction of organs expands at dizzying pace between 1870 and 1900, with the birth of many factories, located in the Marche region in particular (Castelfidardo, Italy), Lombardy (Stradella, Cremona) and Piedmont (Vercelli).
The accordion is a musical instrument belonging to the free-reed aerophone family (instruments whose sound is generated by air flow) of the mechanical type (air is produced by a bellow or bellows) and provided with reeds.

The reed is a thin flap of steel that vibrates under the flow of the air, thus producing sound.

Both the keyboard melody (right hand) and the harmonic one (left hand) are provided with  button keys.
For each button there are two different sounds, depending on whether the button is pressed by opening or closing the bellows (bitonic  or diatonic  system).
Among the various types of organs, the most widely used in traditional Italian music are the accordion 2 bass and  the accordion 8 bass, although the 4 and 12 bass types are also common.





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